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Inconel alloys are super alloys whose chemistry mainly comprises of elements – nickel and chromium. Since these alloys have an austenitic microstructure, the Inconel Pipe is easily produced. Austenite alloys are considered to be highly ductile and easily malleable. Therefore, it is easy to achieve an unusual shape like the Inconel Hexagonal Pipe. While it is the chemistry of the alloy that makes it durable, the standardization of products is achieved by following specifications including ones such as ASME SB725. Inconel Pipes & Tubes Supplier & Exporter - VSS For instance, under this particular specification, the ASME SB725 Inconel Alloy Welded Pipe is intended for use in applications that require resistance to general corrosion or for mechanical applications. The automatic welding procedure for both the Inconel Thick Wall Pipe and Thin Wall Pipe requires no need for filler metals. Generally, pipes that are welded require to be either treated by annealing or they must be stress relieved.  These processes improve the mechanical properties of the Inconel Hollow Pipe, making their surface smoother and increasing their strength. Cold working the pipes after they are welded results in the development of optimum corrosion resistance. This process is especially beneficial for the weld area of the schedule 40 Inconel pipe. Cold working the base metal during its concluding heat treatment also improves the corrosion resistance of the B167 Incoloy Seamless Pipe. Since the alloy has a high resistance to oxidation, very high tensile strength, and excellent mechanical properties, many Inconel pipe suppliers recommend its use for various engineering purposes. Inconel Alloy Pipe Specification
Size ½” to 6” NB Sch 10s, 40s, & 80s, 160s
Wall Thickness 0.1 – 60 mm
  • Single Random Length 5to7 mtr
  • Double Random Length 10-12 mtr
Surface Finish Cold Finish, Bright, Polished, Annealing, Pickling, or as per client requirements
Manufacturing types Seamless, Welded, ERW, EFW
Manufacturing Shapes Round, Square, Rectangle, Box Section
Manufacturing Technology Hot / Cold Formed
Other Grades SS 446
Inspection, Test Reports EN 10204 3.1, Mill Test Certificates, PMI Test Reports, Chemical Reports, Mechanical Reports, NABL Approved Lab Reports, Visual Inspection Reports, Destructive and Non Destructive Test Reports, Third Party Inspection
Technique Cold Rolled Hot Rolled
Inconel Pipes Welding Inconel Pipes is a nickel-chromium composites which is used entirely unexpected welding structures. Inconel Pipe is most normally used in strategies where high warmth resistance is required. Welding Inconel can be or perhaps troublesome in light of the fact that the welds that are made tend to part. There are many combinations of Inconel that were especially gotten ready for use in welding like TIG. Application Industries Of Inconel Alloy Rectangular Pipe
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Gas Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceuticals