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Pipe fittings are used to connect different types of pipes in a piping system. In Socket Weld Fittings a pipe is fitted in a recessed area between a valve or a flange. This pipe attachment system is produced by cutting blocks of steel and machining them to obtain the perfect fittings. The Socket welding fittings are designed with superior strength. These fittings exhibit excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance in various mediums. These high-pressure fittings, are available in pressure classes of 3000, 6000, and 9000. A Socket Weld Tube Fittings has to be leak-proof as they are used in transporting toxic and inflammable fluids and gases at high temperatures and extreme pressures. A Socket Weld Coupling is used in places where the pipes are fixed permanently. This coupling ensures that the flow of fluids and gases is at the optimum level possible. The Socket Weld Full Coupling is used in connecting pipes with small-bore sizes together. This coupling has a simple construction, and it works without any vibrations or shocks. We are the leading Socket Weld Fittings manufacturers in India. Our mission is to produce high-quality products, which are available for all at reasonable rates.

Socket Weld Elbow is used to change the direction of flow in various piping systems. They care employed to change the flow by either 45 or 90 degrees.These elbows are available either as long radius or as short radius elbows. The 45°/ 90° Sw Elbow has good tensile and yield strength. These elbows are designed to provide a tight seal to allow the flow to move smoothly without any leakage. The Socket Weld Union is a system, which allows fixed pipes to be joined together. These unions can be unscrewed into separate pieces and joined together to complete the connection. A Socket Weld Reducer is used in piping systems to join pipes of different sizes together. These reducers are also used in systems where the pressure is increased or decreased. They can be availed either as concentric or eccentric reducers. A Socket Weld Tee is made up of 3 openings. These openings help to connect or divert fluids or gases within the piping system. These tees are available as equal or as reducing tees. The Socket Weld Reducing Tee has an opening that is smaller than the other 2 openings. These tees possess excellent ductility and have a long service life. All our products including, the Socket Weld Pipe Fittings, can be customized in different chemical make-up, shapes, and sizes as per requirements. 

The Sw Pipe Fittings are manufactured following ASTM, ASME, and API standards. These fittings fittings are cost-effective and easy to install and are widely used in various industries. Socket Weld Bushing is threaded on both sides. This enables it to be connected to 2 pipes of different shapes and sizes. This bushing is easy to weld and exhibits high tolerances. The Socket Weld Outlet is an opening, which permits the exit of fluids and gases out of the system. These outlets are available in sizes between 1/2mm to 24mm and diameters between DN15 to DN40. This Socket Weld Connection can be used along with ASME pipes. These connections are very strong, durable, and have a long service life. All our products are produced using the latest technology and the best raw materials. If you have any queries about our products or their pricing, contact us to know more.

Socket Weld Fittings Specification

Carbon Steel A105/ A350 LF2 ISO/ NPT 3000 lbs Socket Weld Elbow and Reducing Tee as per NACE MR0175/ ASTM A262E

Computerized systems to design Socket weld Fittings:
Computerized systems and advanced programs allow our technical department to design and optimize the Socket weld Fittings & other special fittings and flanges respecting all customer’ specifications and applications.

Socket weld Fittings Design in accordance with recognized Rules.
Calculation in complete accordance with ASME, DIN, EN and STOOMWEZEN rules.

Socket Weld Pipe Fittings Types
  • 90° Elbow
  • 45° Elbow
  • Tee
  • Cross
  • Full Coupling
  • Half Coupling
  • Pipe cap
  • Union
  • Reducer Insert
  • Boss
  • Branch Outlet
  • 90° Elbow Outlet
  • 45° Lateral Tee
  • Lateral Outlet
  • Branch Outlet Butt Weld
  • 90° Elbow Outlet Butt Weld
  • Lateral Outlet Butt Weld
  • Nipple Branch Outlet Bevel / Plain Ends